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ICGLR RINR Minerals Certification

This new development is directly linked to a successful completion of the pilot phase of the Third Party Audits of Mining companies and publication of 8 reports in a move to provide fact based credibility for certified conflict free exports of tin, tantalum or tungsten (3T) to the international market from the ICGLR Member States and compliance with all standards and requirements of the international mineral industry.

The ICGLR third party audits “assure independent verification that the entire mineral supply chain from mine site to exporter remains in compliance with ICGLR regional standards.” The ICGLR third party audit process is determined and overseen by the ICGLR Audit Committee, which is made up of representatives from Member State Governments, local and international industry, and civil society.

The ICGLR third party audit is focused on the mineral exporter, but its remit also includes the complete supply chain from the point of export back upstream to the mine site, including both traders and relevant transportation routes. The third party audit report ascribes a flag status to the auditee – red flag (major non-compliance, suspension from exporting for six months), yellow flag (probationary, six month grace period), and green flag (full compliance).

With a successful completion of the pilot phase, ICGLR Secretariat in collaboration with the Audit Committee and the Member States is scaling up the Third Party Audits for all exporters of the designated mineral list (Tin, Tantalum and Tungsten) in the Great Lakes Region The ICGLR Secretariat has put in place all that is needed for a successful mineral Certification of the Great Lakes Region to happen. Those include guidelines manuals, a sufficient number of Auditors and Auditing Firms and the office of the Independent Mineral Chain Auditor.

The manuals make the foundation of the whole Certification process. They clearly instruct the different stages of Third Party Audit and explain the meaning of the reports and the way forward based on the reports outcomes. They support mining companies willing to comply to work in a way they meet the Third Party Audit requirements. The number of accredited Audit Firms and Auditors has been increased to ensure all the Mining Companies willing to comply with the ICGLR RINR Certification Scheme can do so within the desired timeframes.

During the last ICGLR 9th Audit Committee Meeting held in Kampala on 13 - 17 June 2016, the number which was only 15 accredited auditors was brought up to 21 auditors and an increase in the number of auditing firms is under consideration by the ICGLR Audit Committee. The office of the Independent Mineral Chain Auditor (IMCA) is already in place and its role is to inspect Member States’ chain of custody tracking systems. one to ensure that they meet ICGLR Standards and recommend and require modifications where the systems do not meet the required standard. Two to initiate independent investigations into topics such as the involvement of armed groups in the mineral chain (in ways that might not be revealed by a Third Party Audit), or suspected cases of large scale mineral smuggling, or into instances where the production of a mine, region or Member State does not match the likely productive capacity of that mine, region or Member State, to investigate downstream mineral chains out of the region, if there is an indication that Designated Minerals from the region are being clandestinely exported from the region and three to provide ongoing assessments of the risk of conflict and conflict financing from mineral exploitation and mineral trading in the region.

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